On Sacred Ground
Lonely and prepared for a one-night stand, a man finds himself with a strange woman in the room where he'd attended first grade. 09-07-10
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photo by jean haymon
Around And About At Thanksgiving
Once upon a time, there was a place where everyone was welcome at Thanksgiving. It was warm and happy. There was sophistication and bawdy jokes too; and swans and a little glass of wine that had been blessed, just for me! 11-22-2018.
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Or online At The Providence Journal: http://bit.ly/2QjIysm

photo by charles pinning
National Grid Lays Trail of Tears
How the monopoly supplier of natural gas and electricity in Rhode Island designs its rate structure to defeat the conservation efforts of its customers. 09-20-08.
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Christmas Gifts Received With Ingratitude
A young boy gives his father a tie he doesn't like; his brother, who's not supposed to be smoking, a cigarette lighter, and a jewelry box to his mother that she senses he shoplifted.
Christmas Gifts Received With Ingratitud[...]
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Nix GTECH-Lottomatica Merger
Why the merger of lottery giants GTECH Corporation and Lottomatica spA is not in the best interests of the American people, and is, in fact, treasonous. 08-02-2006
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