Selected stories and photo essays from This New England, edited by Robert Whitcomb, a feature of the Providence Journal on-line edition.

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All stories and photographs by Charles Pinning, unless otherwise noted.

President and Mrs. Kennedy watch the America's Cup Race, 1962. (Wikipedia Photo)

WHEN WE WANTED GRETEL TO WIN. The inspiring story of how Newport embraced the first Australian challenger to the America's Cup.

When We Wanted Gretel To Win
When We Wanted Gretel To Win.jpg
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Milkweed seeds spewing forth from pod.

Under Milkweed: Responsibility for Small Things, explains why it's important to protect "weeds."

Under Milkweed: Responsibility For Small Things
Under Milkweed. Responsibility for Small[...]
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Galatea Returns Home

The warm summer waters of Buzzard's Bay, in Westport, Massachusetts.

Warm Water, Cool Air, End Of Summer
Warm Water, Cool Air, End of Summer.jpg
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Horse Country

Naked branches have their charms.

Horse Country
Horse Country.jpg
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Past Hearts

THE VALENTINES OF FORT ADAMS. An ammo box stuffed with the teen valentines shows up decades later at a flea market.

The Valentines Of Fort Adams
The Valentines of Fort Adams.jpg
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To Higher Ground

Going to worm school, where we secretly made absinthe from wormwood. The benefit of an education.

A Slimy School
A Slimy School.jpg
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Lost Limb

Satin Playboy Bunny ears. Demented grins. Bloody Kotex. A boy is scarred for life on Easter Sunday.

The Easter Beaster.jpg
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The Boy In The Wall

Medusa, let me not see you as I hurry through the buttercups and fog.

Summer Fog
Summer Fog.jpg
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The wild creatures need so very little, and we?

Late Season Snacks
Late Season Snacks.jpg
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Bloody Tea

Hibiscus tea on a chilly day in May.

My Tea Transfusion
My Tea Transfusion.jpg
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Fragrant flowers, warm sunshine, all is not lost.

Not Yet Desperate
Not Yet Desperate.jpg
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Glasses On The Ground

I looked down at the earth, and she looked up at me.

Winter Burials
Winter Burials.jpg
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Walking With The Dead

Something scary and strange happens one Halloween night, and the father forbids the family to ever speak of it.

Zorro At Halloween
Zorro at Halloween.jpg
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Into the Sunset

Dangling legs and wishful thinking....Trespassing again.

Looking For Privacy
Looking For Privacy.jpg
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The Little Executioner

Rare semen produces unusual results in Newport's Swiss Village.

Newport Executioner
Newport Executioner.jpg
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Life's a beach after all.

Manny Meets Fanny
Manny Meets Fanny.jpg
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Bright Buoys

Down where the buoys are.

Where The Buoys Are
Where The Buoys Are.jpg
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First Aid Station, Horseneck Beach

It was the end of the day, and everyone had left the beach, except us.

A Summer Place
A Summer Place.jpg
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Balloons and Briar

You see balloons and you think, "Oh, happy! Birthday party!" Then we got closer and saw it was just the opposite.

Beach Memorial, Westport
Beach Memorial Westport.jpg
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A Bike Hanging

It was only a bike, minding its own business!

Who Hung Roger Rabbit's Bike?
Who Hung Roger Rabbit's Bike.jpg
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The Hair, the Doorknobs, the Salubriousness of it all! Alas, in publication I mistakenly identified this as The Elephant Rock Beach Club. Close, but no cigar. A thousand apologies!

Quelle Cheveux!

From my persepective, it was a gorgeous day!

Howland Beach Club, Westport
Howland Beach Club Westport.jpg
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Gourds Honking

A busy bunch by the side of the road, no one on my tail, so we pulled off.

A Gaggle of Gourds
A Gaggle of Gourds.jpg
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It's the picture of humble honesty. Always beautiful. Filled inside with useful things, well-used and well-loved.

Small Barn, Westport
Small Barn Westport.jpg
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It's all becoming an eBlob!

Into The Fog And Ennui Of eXistence
Into Fog and Ennui of eXistence.jpg
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Randy Picnic Table

Nothing is immune to the call of spring!

Spring Fever Orgy
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Oh, Deer

Make a left on Hudson. It's a blue house with a deer head mounted on a....

Too Late For Venison
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Walking Old 195

A piece of history is overtaken by history.

On A Winter Road
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The difficult decisions of a summer day.

Ice Cream Agonies
Ice Cream Agonies
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