The White Horse Tavern

Racing through the cobblestone streets and up the stairs, only to find moonlight stretched across the ticking.

The Everview
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A Surveillance Finial

Atop the flagpole was not a gleaming gold ball, but four sullen electronic eyes.

Federal Four Eyes
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A House For A Headstone

Each foreclosure leaves behind a sad, cold house.

Gone At Swan Point
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Witch Hazel

Out of the purple spring-dusk, the witch hazel flew up, carrying a bird.

Pre-Spring Witchery
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Caroline And The Big Tree

The warm light of late afternoon falls upon Caroline and the Big Tree, on the ridge of Neutaconkanut Hill.

Therapeutic Light Treatment
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Oh, My Darlin'

The orange light of a winter night.

Darling Clementines
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One Leaf Falls

I looked up, and one leaf from the giant Norway Maple let go against a brilliant sky of medium blue. Saying good-bye on a perfect day.

Letting It Go
Letting It Go.jpg
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The Cypress And The Snow

Serengeti dreams, walking though a New England Winter.

Warmed By A Tree
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Ripe And Round

The meat is sweet, the shape is pleasing. Summer in the country!

Circle Of Love Apples
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Would she respond by saying, "You're looking for a fight," or might she laugh along with it?

Where Next, Bugs or Ashes?
Where_Next_Bugs _or_Ashes.jpg
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Walkin' Down Ol' 195

Where once we flew, now a place for contemplation.

On A Winter Road
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